Open a new image upgrade strategy, Yasuo Er launch new VI


Open a new image upgrade strategy, Yasuo Er launch new VI
July 1, 2012, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Yasuo Er new brand visual system was officially opened. With the new brand image of the visual system, marking YARSOR to "internationalize" the direction has taken a solid step forward.
What's new design Yasuo Er VI implication? The new upgrade brand image changed? With the same questions I have visited the Shenzhen YARSOR Technology Co., Ltd. in this visit, Mr. Yasuo Er Technology Xie Jianhui, deputy general manager and marketing director for the author Mr. Xie Chujia opened a new YARSOR.
Smart VI innovation sail
In the new visual identity system, Yasuo Er LOGO designed to Yasuo Er English: YARSOR for the performance element.
1, marking the concise, branding, international, reflecting the pace and development.
2, art by English font deformation prominent business international business philosophy, English adopt a uniform thickness of strokes manifestations, gives a heavy feeling in good faith, to enhance product quality and the company's strength.
3, the overall dip extension of visual effects, and enhance the sense of speed, meaning the rapid development of enterprises. ʱ??
Details of the deal:
1, the Y and A parallel upward strokes treated to the performance, efficiency and quality of moral steadily upward.
2, ROS few letters connected to the performance of individual features from the visual, but also a symbol of communication, enrich the connotation of financial and overall visual effect and extending obliquely echoes, reflecting the rapid development of enterprises, the rapid efficiency, product flow rapidly.



Number of intellectual life to convey not just professional
New upgraded "YARSOR Yasuo Er" brand LOGO design theme of the font, the font change details of visual appeal and enhance brand impact, creating a simple, atmospheric, sound, pro, professional brand image. Technology bright colors, perfect presents intelligent digital electronics industry style, full integration of the international development of the brand.
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