Wanted agents throughout the country, dealers
Shenzhen YARSOR Technology Co. not only focus on their own product and market development, but also pay attention to the great opportunities and benefits to share markets and agents, go hand in hand. Only by establishing a sound system and an extensive agent network of cooperation, through the complementary advantages, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to improve their competitiveness. In order to enable our agency partners to get more benefits and support, we have established a mature agency program; we will work together as agents of business partners, and technical resources to provide more opportunities for the agency partners; provide a high rate of profit-sharing, and agency partners to form a joint team to achieve win-win situation.
PROXY premise]
☆ can bear civil liability business units;
☆ very much agree with YARSOR philosophy and concept of the channel, will YARSOR products as a main product.
☆ has good credit status and financial strength, and a good ability to receive cash;
☆ has a certain user base in a particular region or industry, and provide related customer success stories;
☆ has sales experience in certain industry experience or camcorder products, customer base or better channel basis;
☆ a surveillance camera system planning and implementation capacity;
☆ can provide the necessary technical services and consulting services to users;
☆ stores in the region have demonstrated, every provincial security exhibition must exhibitors;
☆ has good customer service capability and experience;
☆ signed a confidentiality agreement and cooperation agreement;
☆ for full-year sales commitments security;
☆ special circumstances or conditions who further deliberations.
[Equity] Agents
☆ available YARSOR Mandate sell products;
The area 800 ☆ unified service phone call Go Phone Party;
☆ nationwide promotion in key recommendation;
☆ Enjoy provincial security exhibition booth fee by the Party's 30 percent funded, and other promotional gifts.
☆ can enjoy regular monthly promotional policy, there is the amount of saturated gift items.
☆ can enjoy various preferential policies and other incentives YARSOR all developed;
☆ You can obtain product information provided in a timely manner YARSOR;
☆ can participate in sales training and technical training YARSOR conducted over the same period;
☆ can regularly participate in product launches and events held in other markets YARSOR;
☆ exclusive agents have the right to belong to the regional market re-authorization.
Chaintech decades of wisdom, condensed Fate extraordinary masterpiece. Exquisite extraordinary excellence, people from every 亚索尔 persistent pursuit of the ultimate standard. Originality widely used cutting-edge technology, the stability and camera effects to a whole new level. It is constantly breaking the hearts of self-conviction, making YARSOR cameras become timeless "stability of the King", the face of harsh working environment, but also stays on. Stability and confidence to each 亚索尔 product turned into a good image of a rock-solid.
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